The Incomparable Lisa Wiggins

Lisa Wiggins is a familiar face in the Journalism and Mass Communications Department. As the academic advisor for the whole department, she has to meet with every student in the department many times over their years here at Abilene Christian University. She is loved by everyone, for her talent of making something as stressful as picking classes and graduation dates as easy and as fun as possible.

More than an Advisor

As a mother of two, she juggles work and her personal life with ease. Her husband is Mike Wiggins, a professor in the Department of Art and Design. She is an active member of Highland Church of Christ whose spiritual counsel is as kind and level headed as she is. One of the obvious things about Lisa is her sense of style, and you spend much time in her office like I do, you will see that her style and fashion sense is flawless.

Friend to Everyone

Lisa handles everyone’s different degree plans with ease, offering advice and always a little bright humor to help make your day a little better. She has been with the department for 7 years, and hopes to stay for much longer. We hope she does too.


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