Student organization gives real world experience

Joining Ad/PR Association

 Students in the Journalism and Mass Communication Department have numerous opportunities for making connections, learning more about their industry, and getting hands-on experience. The Advertising and Public Relations Association is just one of the many clubs that students are able to participate in at Abilene Christian University.

 The Ad/PR Association is a student organization that has the goal of giving students a chance to learn more about the advertising and public relations industry. Even though the club’s activities are tailored for Ad/PR majors, anyone is welcomed to join regardless of their major. The president of the club is Nikki Wilson and the vice president is Margo Herrera.

 Making Connections

 During club meetings, students are given the opportunity to join professionals in the advertising and public relations industry through Skype conferences. The club also brings in speakers from the industry to come talk about what they do and give the members a chance to network. In the past, members of the Ad/PR Association have had the opportunity to visit Tracy Locke Marketing Agency and The Richards Group Advertising Agency in Dallas.

 Staying Current

 Recently, the club has had employees from the ACU Career Center come to chapel to discuss resumes and how to network, all necessary for finding a job after graduation. Currently, the club is in the process of planning a trip to another advertising and public relations organization. Outside of attending Ad/PR Association meetings and chapels, members also have the opportunity to attend PRSA and AAF luncheons and conferences.

 The Ad/PR Association is just another way that the JMC Department prepares students for their lives after graduation.


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