“Ready, Set, Give!”

This February, Abilene Christian University is announcing the winners for the most distinguished annual alumni awards. Amongst the recipients is Elise Mitchell, graduate of ’83. On campus, she is most known for her hand in Morris + Mitchell, Abilene Christian’s student-run advertising and public relations agency located in the Journalism and Mass Communication Department.

Elise Mitchell’s generous donations have contributed towards the involvement of students pursuing their degree in the JMC department. In response, the JMC department decided to give back to the community. Head of the department, Dr. Cheryl Bacon, headed up the event, “Ready, Set, Give,” which was a proven success two years ago. The purpose of the event was to reach out to the Abilene community with a portion of what the JMC department was give.

On February 3rd, following departmental chapel, groups were assigned and given one videographer along with one hundred dollars. As long as the money served the community in some way, the decision of what they were to do with the money was up to the participants. Groups came up with a plan and immediately dispersed to their destinations. The videographers actively took shots of their group’s participation. The videos will all be gathered up and shown to the department.

“Ready, Set, Give” has become an event that students are looking forward to. No only has it been a great cause for the community, but also a considerable way for students to get involved in the JMC department. We look forward to years to come and making “Ready, Set, Give” a tradition.


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