Ready Set Give

Two years ago our department did a Pay It Forward event to honor Elise Mitchell, a former JMC graduate for a generous donation she made. Elise Mitchell is the CEO of the Mitchell Communications Group. Every year, they do an event called Ignite. Everyone in the company does a full day of community service. This year, Mitchell won Alumni of the Year. We decided to honor her again with an event called Ready Set Give.

The Facts

We had Ready Set Give February 3. Students met for Departmental Chapel and were briefed on what they would be doing. Participants were broken up into three groups that already had appointed leaders and videographers. Each group was given $100 to spend giving back to the Abilene community. The groups were given the majority of chapel to decide what to do with the money. Then, each group had an hour to actually use the money.

Where the Money Went

A group led by Brittany Jackson, convergence journalism major, spent its money by paying for two meals of strangers at Cracker Barrel. They split the rest of the money onto three Wal-Mart gift cards. The gift cards were distributed to two different shoppers and a homeless man on a street corner. A second group led by Brantly Houston, advertising/public relations major, spent the money on toys and supplies for the children’s wing of Hendrick Medical Center. The last group led by Marissa Jones, multimedia major, donated all of their money to Christian Homes and Family Services.

How Students Were Affected

Students enjoyed building deeper friendships while doing something that was bigger than themselves. Brittany Jackson said that she learned the importance of trust when being generous. Marissa Jones enjoyed talking to employees about the passion they have for their job and helping people. “I’ll never forget their dedication to their jobs and the joy they get out of it. I hope some day I can joyfully contribute like them.” It is safe to say Ready Set Give was a successful event in many ways.


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