Questions for Five Years Down the Road

Five years may not seem like a very long time but to a college student, it might as well be an eternity. With class work, social clubs, jobs, internships and sports, the life of a student can feel like a blink in the few years spent on campus. When whole semesters seem to fly by, it’s pretty easy to see how five years can pass pretty quickly. You could be a whole different person five years from who you currently are. So what did one student say when asked what she would ask herself five years from now?

“I would probably ask myself if I was happy with what I’m doing in life,” Emily Studer, a junior multimedia major from Ballinger, said. “I would probably ask myself that, because I don’t want to be doing something if it makes me miserable.”

Studer is like many college students who enjoy life as it is now and who want the simplicity of being happy to be a continuing factor in her life. But the goal of “being happy” often gets replaced with the many responsibilities of adult life.

Although many people hate the question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” is it important to plan that far ahead in the future? Jenny Blake, founder of, has an opinion on the frequently asked question.

“Friends, family and job interviewers ask this question with the best of intentions, but I think it is absolute nonsense. And those of us who think we know are often in for a rude awakening.”

So, based on Blake’s words and the uncertainty that comes with growing up and leaving university, it might be best to focus on the here and now, and take each day with the next.


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