Creating a Campaign in Morris + Mitchell


Morris + Mitchell, the student run Ad/PR agency located on ACU’s campus boasts clients such as Pura Vida, Frontier Texas and the Department of State. The firm’s faculty advisor, Joyce Haley decides the clients that M+M will take on. These clients are usually found through the network of JMC students in the department or through request by clients themselves.

The entire organization is divided into teams of 5-6 people, with each team representing a specific client. The positions in the organization and their respective responsibilities are:

  1. Group Account Director/GAD (1)
    • manage leadership team
    • lead weekly meetings
    • maintain client relationships
    • ensure agency profitability
    • generate new client opportunities
    • close new businesses
  2. Account Directors/AD (3)
    • lead and manage a team of staff members
    • build and maintain client relationships
    • ensure projects meet objectives and clients are satisfied
    • assign tasks to team members
  3. Assistant to the GAD (1)
    • work closely with GAD to manage administrative tasks
  4. Creative Directors (2)
    • work closely with Account Directors to understand client’s vision
  5. Director of Finance (1)
    • manage financial forecasts and financial reporting
  6. Copywriter (1)
    • propose creative copy elements in client media collateral
  7. Graphic Designer (1)
    • design and produce creative materials and concepts
  8. Account Coordinators (2)
    • manage projects and relationships assigned by Account Directors

Steps to creating a campaign:

  1. AD meets with the client to discuss their goals, objectives, and vision for the campaign
  2. AD meets with staff team and creative team (creative directors, graphic designer, and copywriter) to brief them on the client’s goals, objectives, and vision and to brainstorm with them on execution strategies
  3. AD and staff team discuss execution strategies
  4. Creative Directors create first draft of campaign material
  5. ADs approve and give feedback
  6. GAD and faculty advisor approves and gives feedback
  7. Client reviews, gives feedback and approves material
  8. Execution by team members

The entire organization holds weekly meetings for the teams to report the status of their campaigns to Joyce. This formula has proven success to the organization for years.


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