A Student’s Chosen Course

The ACU JMC department offers a variety of classes covering various topics from typefaces to theories. I interviewed junior Ad/PR major, Madison Hoover, to find out what her favorite course has been thus far. Madison is a volleyball player and enjoys the outdoors far more than the classroom setting, but she quickly thought of a class that stood out to her. Principles of Public Relations, taught by Dr.Cheryl Bacon, was her favorite. Dr. Bacon is the chair of the department and spent years working in the industry before coming to teach at ACU. Madison believes Dr. Bacon “taught [her] much about written and verbal communication” that she hadn’t previously known.

About the Course
In Principles of PR, students study current examples of both positive and negative public relations events and crises. When Madison took the class last fall, she analyzed real world issues such as Ray Rice and the NFL, and the IPhone 6 Bendgate. At the end of the semester, students participate in creating and presenting a PR plan specifically for local businesses. The experience gained from the course “will be essential in whatever field” Madison ultimately chooses. She was able to practice skills including:

  • Research
  • Content Creation
  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Organizing
  • Presenting

The Lasting Impact
Being able to apply the information the class taught directly to a project that represents the PR professional’s daily life greatly affected Madison. She feels better prepared for her professional future and that is what the goal of every goal JMC class should be.


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