Exploring Places and People

Many of my friends love the Journalism and Mass Communication department at Abilene Christian University, because of the opportunities they have to study abroad, the relationships built with faculty and the interesting speakers they bring into the classroom.

From Abilene to Oxford: Above and Abroad

My GATA sister Abby Runnels is a journalism major. Talk to her for a few minutes about study abroad and she will entertain you with stories of getting lost in London, experiencing a boy-band concert for the first time and growing as a person. She was so grateful to have experienced an unknown culture such as Oxford at such a prime age in her life. She encourages anyone who is considering studying abroad to do it. The few months in Oxford were more exciting than ay of the time she spent in Abilene, Texas.

Advising More Than Our Schedule

Carolyn Brehn shares with me that although her study abroad trip was such an incredible time for her, one of the greatest things to happen to her as a JMC student is her relationship with Lisa Wiggins, a JMC academic advisor. From helping students with scheduling issues to encouraging students in their personal lives, she is an advisor to all. For as long as I have known Carolyn, she is sure to visit Lisa once a day.

A Weekend Spent in Class

I recently took a weekend colloquia called “Race and Media.” Sean Adams, a radio host for ESPN and a consultant for SportsCenter, was the guest speaker. Hearing from an successful ACU graduate was encouraging. He was a celebrity in my eyes. He offered us his help in the future if we needed anything. The professors and speakers are so personal and build impacting relationships with us.


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