Behind the scenes of The Ken Collums Show

The Show

If you are in any way affiliated with ACU or just an avid Wildcat football fan, then you have probably heard of if not watched The Ken Collums Show.

The show airs every Saturday morning during the fall on KTXS-TV to talk some Wildcat football starring head coach, Ken Collums, along with co-hosts, Grant Boone and Shera Niemirowski.

While these three work in front of the camera to make up the face of the show, there is also a group of people diligently working behind the scenes allowing the show to function properly.

The Team

So who are these people you might ask?

They are students taking the Studio Production course under ACU’s JMC department. The class consists of anywhere between 10-12 students who are essentially responsible for how the show is run. The professor of the class is only there to monitor and make sure the show runs smoothly.

The Job

Working The Ken Collums Show is a requirement for the course as students are assigned different jobs on the set every week.

These jobs include:

  • Director
  • Editor
  • Floor Director
  • Assistants to the Floor Director
  • Director of Sound
  • Prompter
  • Audio Director
  • Time Keeper
  • AJA runner

The Work

Each and every job is critical to the show from directing different camera angles to keeping track of time to making sure the audio is in check, these students certainly have their work cut out for them.

By Shera Niemirowski’s own admission, “We are just sitting on the couch talking. They are the ones doing all the work.”

The Credit

So next time you catch an episode of The Ken Collums Show, keep the production team in mind who work behind the camera’s view because without them, there is no show.

Of course there is also no show without the three stars, but this was just me giving some credit where credit is due.




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