The Industry Taking over Your Life

The things that we find interesting the most is what we see on television, what movies we love and what we pay to listen to. But does it stop there? No, of course not. We find ourselves in line at the grocery store picking up the first magazine that has our favorite singer, actress/actor or model on the cover. The need to know what is happening on the outside world gives us that satisfaction of how something else exciting is going on besides the usual. 2KnowMyself explains exactly why the average person seeks for the inside scoop of the entertainment world.

As an Ad/PR major, I have gotten the opportunity of learning different roles that one can fulfill in his/her desired field of PR. After doing much research on PSR, I was able to pinpoint what I really had a passion for. See, like most individuals I find myself in grocery stores as well looking to what the latest news could possibly be in the magazines. One pattern I found is that magazines have the tendency to publicize the negative aspect of celebrities. KINJA, shows how majority of store magazines are mostly tabloids. And where there’s tabloids, there’s gossip.

When viewing these tabloids I often think that there has to be a better way that these celebrities can get decent exposure. This is why I devote my time and energy in to researching great ways to be a publicist. When I get the opportunity I can be that aid for celebrities and help them put their best foot forward so tabloids won’t have to display that negative image that we all love to engage in.


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