Behind The Scenes

In Hollywood, it’s a known fact that the people behind the cameras are what make shows happen. Without them, shows and movies would be an absolute mess. They are like the unseen gears in a car that allow it to move. As a sports videographer for The Optimist, I’ve learned that being behind a camera is just as important as being in front of it.

Behind the scenes of a sports videographer is one of the more interesting experiences I’ve been apart of since coming to Abilene. You get into all sporting events for free as long as you flash that magical pass that says “Media Pass”. You get to stand on the sidelines with the players. The only downside to that would be that you’re holding a fairly heavy camera, so when you have to run out of the way to avoid being pummeled, it makes it pretty hard. Of course, as with most jobs in the JMC department, you have standards to uphold.

When filming, you have to almost think ahead of shots that they might use or need. Here at ACU, our journalism department produces shows such as “The Ken Collums Show” and a weekly news desks. These shows get seen not only by the students here on campus, but by the people of Abilene, so we of course only want the best of the best.

Being behind cameras is a job that takes skill and patience. Not everyone can do it, but for those who can and choose to, it can be one of the most rewarding jobs the JMC department can supply.


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