The love (mainly hate) for InDesign

If designing is your thing, then the chances are you have heard of the designing program InDesign. InDesign was originally brought onto the scene in 1998 as a basic program that allowed the user to be more thorough with details such as typography choices, html exporting and long-document support. It has expanded since then, updating through the years to its current state, InDesign CC 2014, adding more options and easier functions for users. But, if only that was the case.

As sports director and former editor for the Optimist newspaper, I have a lot of experience using InDesign over the past few years and I can confidently tell you it has been a roller coaster of emotions. I will admit, for the most part, InDesign gets the job done. I can design the sports section of the Optimist and get it to look the way I need it to. But the learning curve for InDesign is not an easy one.

InDesign has many tools that allow you to design in ways you want to design, but these tools are difficult to find and learn. With all the shortcuts, tools and options, the program can appear overwhelming. It normally takes many sessions with InDesign before you can feel comfortable with it. And one thing is for sure, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

If you are able to learn the tricks of the trade, it still doesn’t prepare you for the random crashes you’ll experience. I never understood the importance of saving your work until I worked with InDesign. The unnecessary errors in the program are not too frequent, but they do happen enough to heed a warning.

Overall, the product allows you to accomplish what you need. I just offer a few words of advice: patience and save your work. Other than that, have fun with InDesign.



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