Social’s Media Takeover of Journalism


Social media has caused a 180-degree turn for journalists everywhere. It has been a turn that has caused some pros and a lot of cons. It advanced news to a higher level of importance and to produce more breaking news on social media. However, it did cause the decline in newspapers around the world.

As a junior journalism major I have been taught since I arrived at ACU that social media is where the industry is headed. That became increasingly apparent as I joined the ACU Optimist.

We began to use a the social media website, Twitter the year I began working for the Optimist and it has taken off. The account now has over 500 followers and commands much more attention than the print ever could.

In fact, a research site found that there are 8 significant takeaways from social media’s takeover on journalism. A problem however with that rise is that fact-checking will soon become obsolete as well. A news machine that is always going is bound to make mistakes. Journalism might be headed to interesting future with social media at the forefront. The public and the media are now on the same playing field because the public can respond directly to writers through social media.

A website named the Guardian goes into a few of the the possible outcomes with the social media takeover. The future of social media will be of great importance not just to my generation but the most recent graduates as well. They are having to adapt just as much as students are to the public’s demand for news content twenty-four seven.


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