One of the most important things when it comes to completing the tasks given in a project is time management. Being on time is something that will shape the way you are viewed by your peers and most importantly, your superiors.

This past summer, I did an internship for BBDO. Something that was of high importance was being on time. I made it a point, within my first couple of weeks to memorize when my superiors come in to work every morning so that I could always be there before them, and it did not go unnoticed.

But, aside from physically being at work on time it also runs off to being timely in your work or projects that you are given. If you are given a project or task to work on and you do not meet a deadline, it could honestly have a negative affect on your career and overall reputation.

If you are just entering a position with the company and your boss gives you your first project, what do you think you should do first?

  • First, you should realize the opportunities that you now have to make a name for yourself and impress your superiors.
  • Second, when they give you a deadline, let’s say of 3 weeks to complete your project—get it done in 2 weeks and do 2x what they are asking for.
  • The more you do in the beginning, the more they will remember you for the future.

Completing tasks on time (which means before) and better than they asked for will give you a leg up in the company up front and help you in the long run. The JMC department uses project based courses, which require you to hit multiple deadlines within a semester in order to keep you on your toes, and continue to practice being on time with your assignments.


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