Video Editing In Abilene: An untapped market ?

Frequently I’m asked to record recitals, showcases and other performances. As I go to these events I begin to wonder why a filming company hasn’t been established in Abilene and if one has why it isn’t more well known. Over the past few years Abilene has developed into quite the thriving little town but with all the businesses opening up you’d think a production company in Abilene would have a bigger name. I did some searching to find out more on the issue. First I wanted to know about how much it would cost to open a production so I wanted to look into the prices on some of the better cameras in the industry. At they had information on some of the more recent camcorders and the specs of their various uses that could be super helpful to an upcoming editor. Next I wanted to review which software would be best to use for a situation like this. ranked 11 of the best video editing soft and listed the pros and cons allowing users to find a software to fit their editing style, I also found some really helpful tips from who feature interesting news in the editing world as well posting articles from other proffesional editors such a Peter Wiggins. All of this was great for someone who had experience in the field of video production but if someone just wanted to learn directly how to work with film unless said person had thousands of dollars to attend one of the colleges in abilene it seemed they would be out of luck. Until I found who had an entire section specifically dedicated to helping people find film school locations and after delving further I found there was one in the abilene-sweetwater area. As I was getting more excited about the potential a business like this could have in abilene I was quickly silenced when I came across a production studio located in abilene. When I went to the website I was thoroughly impressed at its design which made me wonder why a company like this didn’t have more of a reputation within the multimedia crowd at ACU seeing as this would be an excellent opportunity for students who’d wish to intern in the area of abilene or even stay to make a living here.


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