What is new in Ad/PR today?

Because of information technology our society is constantly bombarded with information and images, twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Whether looking at the Internet on a computer or driving down the highway and seeing an electronic billboard, people consistently see messages regarding almost anything of which a person can think. Whether the messages are truthful or not is immaterial, the advertiser pays for the space or time and tries to get his or her message across, usually to get someone to buy something or to motivate them to think in such a way. In some cases, these advertisements or messages use extreme images to get their point across, which can create a false sense of reality.

The Effects Advertising has on Women’s View of Reality

One example of this is the exploitation of women or the creation of an image of a perfect woman, an ideal that is often unattainable. These images create a false sense of reality of what is truly beautiful, promoting behaviors that prove to be physically, psychologically, and financially damaging to a particular generation of women, a cycle that is being continued for generations to come.

Why should Ad/PR Agencies or Companies Change their advertisements?

The damage that this new media culture causes is immeasurable. It would be refreshing if a company would come out with advertisements and images that promoted beauty from within. It would seem that if this was done a new trend might start. All it would take is some clever advertisement work to show women in a different more positive light. There is an opportunity for one of these big ad agencies, or companies to make it big by showing women in a different manor. They would not only create good public relations, but they also might be able to make a lot of money by appealing to all women in a realistic way.

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