Social media is invading the world of news

Newspapers, magazines and periodicals are slowly becoming less relevant in today’s society. Now that we can find information online with just a few clicks, there’s no need to grab a print copy of anything – unless you just love the feel of paper in your hands.

What’s become an even more popular trend is social media. For the last decade, social media has become the venue of choice for news gathering.

In 2011, 40 percent of people said they got their news from newspapers and 46 percent of people said they said they got their news from an online source. In 2012, a survey showed that more than 50 percent of people hear of breaking news from social media.

There’s no question that social media is taking over the print medium.

Reddit and Twitter are among the most popular sites that consumers get information according to the Pew Research Journalism Project. As a matter of fact, research shows that people use multiple social media outlets to get news because it makes it more engaging.

Lots of research has been done that focuses on how social media has had an effect on news. The results show that more and more people are turning to social media because it’s easy to access.

It’s easier for someone to pull up an app on their smart phones and read content on-the-go than it is to flip through a newspaper or some other print medium.

Social media is becoming more than just a way to keep up with the lives of our friends and celebrities; it’s a way to stay in tune with what’s going on with the world and areas we live in.Social media is used to advocate for charities and make a difference and market and brand companies as well.

With such a wide array of uses, it’s no wonder social media and the Internet are becoming more popular than traditional news outlets.

Even journalists are using social media more. Journalist use social media to keep up with breaking news stories and keep up with what competing news organizations are doing.

Social media has proven to be a powerful tool in the world of news, and we can expect to see it around for a long time.


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