Social Media Continues to Grow

In today’s world, content is shared via social media in real-time. It is a landscape that is constantly shifting and changing. This affects not only the way people communicate with their friends, but the way companies communicate with their customers. The cost of traditional advertising, such as par-per-click is on the rise. This is driving companies  closer to social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. The use of social media advertising has risen significantly in the past few years. Some have argued that social media advertising is ineffective because of the unreliability of information gathered on social media, but the numbers continually grow in favor of social media advertising.

Social media advertising is effective because it goes to people where they already spend the majority of their time. Not only is it a place where people spend the majority of their time it is a place originally to interact with friends. Because of this, users tend to feel more connected to businesses on a personal level. Sites and apps such as Instagram have grown from a community to share the photos we take to a channel for creative inspiration and to also connect with corporations. 

Agencies and corporations are having to keep up with new apps and social media platforms as they arise in order to stay relevant in the eyes of the consumers. Companies are beginning to utilize platforms such as Snapchat in order to engage potential customers on a more personal, interactive level.

Advertising on social media does not have to mean crowding banner advertisement onto a user’s homepage on something such as Facebook or promoting sponsored tweets on Twitter user’s timelines. It can be done in creative ways that engage users and entertain but sell when called upon to sell.


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