Social Clubs and JMC

10748647_4880281620299_105878779_nSocial clubs. You either love them or you hate them. Being a non-social clubber, I interviewed one of my friends, Betsy Smith, a Siggie and a JMC major, to see what life was like being involved in both of these.

Q: What kind of impact do social clubs have on campus?

A: “Social clubs are a way of making a community with a group of people. It provides you with great opportunities such as intramurals, community service projects, bible studies and small groups. These can impact the way people interact with each other on campus and they create a sense of brother and sisterhood with one another.”

I asked Betsy if it was difficult being in a social club as well as being a JMC major. She simply stated, “No.” She said that being involved in a social club would affect her JMC career in the long run by equipping her with the social skill for Public Relations. She said social clubs have made her get out of her comfort zone by initiating relationships with strangers. Betsy said, “This is important when it comes to Public Relations because it is all about managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public. I have had to do this several times during club and outside of club.”

From what I have heard in talking to friends who are in social clubs, they stay extremely busy. As a JMC major, there is no room to slack in striving after your goal. So being involved in both of these, I can’t imagine the amount of dedication poured evenly into these two things. Which is why I only chose one to be dedicated to.


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