Glancing at The Lord’s Work

There has always been a situation and issue in the back of my mind as I have been pursuing a college education. An issue that I’m sure I’m probably not the only one who has questioned it once in their life. That issue comes down to trying to understand how a career can be within God’s will for me.

I have been tested in my faith in figuring out a career path to take. I have been lost and confused and finally after praying for an answer or guidance, I was shown one.

God has blessed me in tremendous ways that I never could have imagined. This summer without a thing on my mind to do, he opened up the opportunity for me to work with CBS Sports in covering the PGA Tour. I was in total shock of this opportunity and certainly blessed. However, there were many times I was questioned upon whether this is something Christians can do if it isn’t mission work of some kind.

Throughout that specific experience, I was able to understand that any career can be our calling. Whatever that calling is, is what we are intended to do and pursue; and just because we are in that calling, does not mean we are not living out God’s plan for us. We are called to be lights in this world. No matter what career path or field we choose to participate in, we can still be Christians and follow God’s plan. We can be examples and encourage people along the way.

After tackling that issue I have gained peace about knowing that whatever I do in life, I am called to give glory to God. It is in him that my work will be for.



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