Social Etiquette Plays a Role in The Digital Age

Throughout history, social etiquette has changed drastically. The formal definition of etiquette is conventional requirements as to social behavior; proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion. Another formal definition for etiquette can be found at Elegant Woman. Way back when, social etiquette was a completely different game. For example, it used to be very rude for someone to answer the phone while sitting at the dinner table. Now, it is extremely rare to not have your smart phone at the dinner table. Smart phones along with social media have become our social crutch.

Smart Phone Etiquette

I would like to introduce you to some new age etiquette. Here are some tips for when to not be on your phone.

  • In a restaurant
  • On the street
  • At the movies
  • On a train or bus
  • At an event (wedding, business meeting, etc.)

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 8.31.33 AM

Social Media Etiquette

Not only are phone calls becoming a disturbance, but we are also loosing our sense of communication because of social media. People have used social media to ask people on dates and even break up with someone. These examples are NOT using social media etiquette.

Be careful not to abuse the five most obnoxious kinds of status updates

  • intentionally vague posts
  • chronic complaining
  • meaningless calls to action
  • oversharing
  • posting too frequently

Read more on social media etiquette.

When researching for this post I found a very useful list for etiquette in our time. Ironically most of the items on this  list have something to do with smart phones or social media.


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