How will the Internet Affect Television?

With the expanding availability of online platforms where content previously only available on cable television can be accessed, what does this mean for cable TV?

Netflix. We all love it, or at least something very similar. With its large array of pickings from movies to television shows, from old to new, we can stay entertained forever. It doesn’t have advertisements, which make for a more enjoyable viewing experience and it’s a whole lot cheaper than cable. Also, if users are more interested in current television, the provider Hulu gives subscribers a way to watch current television for a low monthly fee, without having to go through the struggle that cable would provide.

Why is this important?

I believe that media should be shared in several different ways, not just through television or movies but through the internet as well. With the popularity and convenience that using the internet for entertainment has provided, I believe it will only continue to becoming increasingly popular. I also hope for YouTube to continue to move into an outlet where viewers can watch and interact with their favorite content creators, such as the list provided below.

1. Good Mythical Morning is a popular YouTube channel with a type of morning radio or talk show format, only it is online.

2. AwesomenessTV is a good example of a YouTube channel that is trying to compete with cable television, with short video series, and full length episodes as well.

3. The “React” series is incredibly popular on YouTube, spawning millions of viewers per video, thus creating a large following; perhaps one similar to current television series.

Other sources and links used.


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