Day in the Life with Grant Boone

Around ACU, the name Grant Boone may strike up a very intriguing and entertaining conversation. Mr. Boone is the director of broadcast and sales for ACU. He is the announcer at football games and hosts weekly interviews with coaches and players.

Also to many, Mr. Boone is a role model and leader. He shows what it means to work diligently and still put forth a good attitude. He truly cares for the students of ACU and will help out anyone who crosses his path. Many often wonder what is crazy schedule is like. I decided to tackle what its like for a day in the life of Mr. Boone.

During football season on a casual Monday;

  • 8:30 athletics department meeting attended by the AD, assistant Ads, compliance officers, executive administrative assistants, athletic fundraising officer, and Mr. Boone
  • 11 a.m. weekly meetings with athletics and creative services department that discuss upcoming games and other events and projects
  • Noon weekly production meeting for The Ken Collums Show
  • 1:30 office time that consists of talk with local businesses about sponsorship opportunities, and beginning preparation for broadcasting that week’s games
  • 4 p.m. prepare for Wildcat Coaches Show, the weekly radio show featuring ACU coaches and players
  • 6 p.m. Host Wildcat Coaches Show at The Bean

So there is a normal Monday for Mr. Boone. A day that is full of excitement and business. If this kind of day doesn’t inspire you or set you on a path of hard work, then I’m not sure what does. This just proves the kind of hard working and dedicated man that he is.



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