Learning more than expected


I will start off by saying I am learning more than I expected to about things I did not think I would be learning about. Did that make any sense? What I mean is the majority of my JMC classes have been for writing, such as how to write a blog (like this one), how to write for a newspaper or online news source, or simply learning about different kinds of writing and the history behind them.

I have only had one class that has had to do with multimedia, and it was Intro to Visual Media. This course is pretty much for beginners who learn how to use the basic software needed for photography and videography. I am already half way through my first semester of junior year and I only have one multimedia class under my belt, so you could say I am a little behind.

Intro to Visual media taught me how to space out my work when making videos. Whenever I make short films on my own time I usually like to edit it all in one sitting, even if that means staring at my computer for more than three hours. Like I previously mentioned, I learned the basics of the video software Premiere, and the basic photography software Photoshop. Before taking that class I used iMovie for videos and iPhoto for pictures. Both are applications that came with my Mac. They are much easier to use, so learning a more complex software was overwhelming to say the least. But the results were noticeable better than what I was producing from my own computer.

I am hoping that as my college career comes to a close I will fully understand the software relevant to videography and photography. Not to say that all my other JMC writing classes have been useless because, in fact, I have taken away more knowledge and helpful tips then what I was expecting. The plus side of that is, much of the information I am learning in my non-multimedia classes actually goes hand-in-hand with multimedia. So in the end, it’s a win-win!



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