Ad/PR Alumnus Shares Insights

This past week I got the opportunity to interview Jeff Johnston, an Ad/PR alumnus from ACU. As a student, Jeff spent most of his time working for the Optimist, which is a student news operation at ACU. He was the tennis beat writer, and wrote most of the articles for the sports section in the Optimist. He would gather information on when the next tennis tournament was, and which ACU players would be competing in it. He would also attend the tournaments if possible. When he was unable to attend, he would gather the players’ statistics afterwards and conduct multiple interviews. Jeff believes that the time he spent working for the Optimist truly helped him prepare for the job he is employed in now.

Where does Jeff Work Now?

Jeff currently works for Copart, which is a company that does online vehicle auctions. This company is known for its convenient use of the Internet for selling quality vehicles. Jeff stated, “Their technology makes it easy to find, bid, and win the vehicles our members are looking for. Members can choose from classics, early and late model cars and trucks, industrial vehicles and more. We sell over one million vehicles each year, and have thousands up for auction every day.”

What are Jeff’s Responsibilities?

Jeff is in charge of taking pictures of vehicles and developing advertisements that go on the website. His main responsibility requires him to catch the viewers’ attention using professional looking photos and good public relation tactics, motivating them to become members and bid on one of Copart’s vehicles.

Why is Jeff Successful?

Jeff believes that the Optimist helped him become a successful employer at Copart. The time he spent taking pictures and interviewing people at ACU really equipped him with great Ad/PR skills. He learned how to take interesting photos, and how to relate them to an audience by telling them what they want to hear.

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