Not so large, but still in charge

“I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world.” – Henry Luce.

Madeline Orr is as close as one can get to the heart of ACU. As this years editor of The Optimist, she willingly said she’d take it all on. The newsroom has seen some changes in the past few years, but the one thing that doesn’t change is the chaos that comes with being a journalist. Walking into the JMC newsroom is almost like walking into any other professional newsroom. Deadlines are on the board in bright red marker while the furious noise of fingers dancing over a keyboard hums in the background. As reporters and videographers run around the newsroom holding their cameras or first drafts, Madeline sits calmly at her desk putting the final pieces of the puzzle together.

Her days are hectic and long. She reads hundreds of words a day and works through countless articles to make sure only the best make it to distribution. She deals with countless emails of people asking to be in the paper, or people asking to be out of the paper. Regardless, Madeline takes it all in stride. If you were to ask her if she regrets taking such a role as Editor of one of the top run student papers in the country, she’d answer without hesitation, “No.”

It’s in some people’s blood to lead, and others to follow. Ms. Orr definitely has the first. It’s been said that years from now it won’t matter what clothes you wore, how your hair looked, or who you dated, but rather the impact you made. Madeline has made an impact that will be felt long after she becomes a member of the coveted group known as ACU alumni.



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