New Technology Showing up in JMC

This semester I am taking Ad/PR Media Planning, which is an online course through ACU but taught by a teacher from The University of Houston.

The Class

Every Monday and Wednesday I log into Adobe Connect, a web conferencing platform, at 8 am and listen to an hour-long lecture from my teacher in Houston. This class is not completely online. My professor has scheduled two weekends to come to Abilene and teach us in person during a workshop. At these workshops we go over everything we have already learned in depth. This really helps us get a better understanding of the material for the test, but can be hard because it is so much information at once. As a whole this class is very difficult for me. It is not necessarily the material that is difficult but the gap in communication can make learning it a challenge.

Is this technology helping current students or hurting them?

As alumni, you probably noticed that many of your classes did not involve web conferencing since this is a relatively new technology at ACU. None of my classes have used this technology until this year. Therefore, it can be hard for you or even current student not in this type of class to relate to the struggles of students in an online-based web conferencing class.

Here is a short clip from one of my classes.

Think about your college experience…

  • How would YOU benefit from this type of learning?
  • Is this technology a good learning environment for my generation?
  • Would your children excel with this technology?

Most of us love the idea of new technology, especially in our department. Alumni are always telling us that we have to be open to change because our industry is always changing. What if is this change is not what is best for the students? Do we still have to be open to it?


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