Presenting 101

The Perfect Presentation

There has been a time when I thought I was probably the best presenter that ever existed. My freshman year during speech class, I would present different topics and I would get awesome grades. In my mind I never had to prepare for these assignments because I could do it a night before and pull it off that next morning. As I move forward in my major of AD/PR, I’m slowly realizing that I can’t just cruise on the procrastination ship forever.

Practice Makes Perfect

Getting away with last minute presentations was a piece of cake in speech class because your audience doesn’t want to be there anymore than you want to present the topic you’re talking about. With this conclusion, this makes me question, “Can I even present.”  Being prepared for presentations, if I don’t say so myself is my biggest downfall.  I realize now that being in the field of representing others is going to take more than just a night of getting your content together.

So with that being said, what are the correct steps to take in order to give the perfect presentation to a client? How do you know when you have effectively presented your content? There are no teachers to pass you back a grade in the real world. How do you prevent the issue of missing your audience with the content you’re trying to give them? Someone, tell me. How do I prepare myself to effectively for a great presentation?



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