My Semester in Mid-Review

This semester has been absolutely crazy for me. I’m taking two classes in the JMC Department and two in the Theatre Department while also taking a fiction-writing workshop.

Maybe this was mistake

Taking Fiction Writing and the Writing for Electronic Delivery definitely feels like a mistake half of the time. Short fiction and writing for the internet are two completely different mediums, thus causing me to have two separate writing styles swirling in my head at any given moment. On the plus side, it does give me the ability to strengthen my ability as a writer in both avenues of writing. Because of this, as much as I occasionally regret taking these classes at the same time, I can see how it will improve my writing in the future.

Web coding may not be as difficult as originally perceived

I’m not entirely sure what my hardest class is at the moment, but I know at the beginning of the semester I thought my hardest class would be Electronic Publishing. As the semester has reached the midway point, I realize that this may not entirely be the case

My professor, Dr. Smith, has done a remarkable job of teaching the material in a way that even a novice such as myself, can easily understand and relate the concepts to the coding work we do in class. It’s also extremely refreshing to have a class where the end result, which is a website that we have coded ourselves; will be beneficial even when the class is finished.

Class booInvaluable lessons learned

Sometimes, it is not always what you learn from the material that is being taught, but what you do with how you’ve been educated. Even if I never build another website again, I can take the patience I’ve gained in Electronic Publishing with me forever.


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