Let’s make a TV show

Being a part of the Ken Collums show has been a great opportunity. This is my second year to be part of the show and every episode has helped prepare me for what it is like in the professional world to produce a television program.

In my role as Sports Director for the student media, I am required to help plan and produce the show. There are weekly meetings on Monday mornings, in which the team discusses ways to continually improve the final product and to plan out what needs to be done before it comes time to shoot. As producer, I am responsible for ensuring that everyone knows their role and requirement for the week and that assignments are completed for the final product to be put together.

Filming days are an extremely fun time in the studio. With co-hosts Grant Boone and Shera Niemirowski, along with other crewmembers behind the scenes, laughing usually fills the air. The major roles of camera operating, directing, students, getting real experience by working hands on, fill all sound engineer, floor manager and others.

Much of the work however comes after all the lights and cameras shut off, and the tapes are ready to be edited. The show’s editor spends hours in front of a computer cutting the film and making every piece fit perfectly together to give the show a seamless feel.

Once she has finished, it is sent to KTXS to be aired on Saturday mornings. I then post the show onto the acuoptimist.com website, Optimist Sports’ twitter account and then the Facebook pages for Optimist Sports and The Ken Collums Show, so that alumni and others outside of Abilene will get to see what the students of the JMC department are producing.

There are a number of steps that go into the making of each episode. But the end results are always worth it. The professors are by our side every step and always offer advice to help us reach our full potential. Honestly, it is part of what makes ACU unique.


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