New sports facilities affect JMC students

With the new sports facilities being constructed here at ACU, not only will this affect the student athletes but also students in the JMC department.

ACU is currently in the process of establishing a new track and field/soccer stadium just south of Wells Field. The anticipated completion of that facility is at the end of March. Once that project nears completion, ACU will begin with the preparation for the building of Anthony Field at Wildcat Stadium. Demolition of the existing track and field facility will take place in early 2015 with a projected completion date of Fall 2016 in time for the home football opener in September 2016.

These facilities will provide significant improvements in lighting and amenities available to members of the media and other journalism outlets. As with anything new, ACU anticipates that there will be some hurdles to jump. With life in a new venue, the quality of the facility and the environment will be able to create an exciting, fresh atmosphere for all fans and guests. With this in mind, it will be well worth the wait!

Current plans call for a facility that will be on another level from a technology standpoint compared to the existing arrangement. With an HD quality video board and the opportunity for an increased number of televised games, the facility will have a number of hardwired connections for video operations and camera angles along with technology to accommodate fan engagement through a number of social media outlets.

Many people, especially athletes and coaches, are excited for their new facilities. Current JMC students working in areas such as sports photography, broadcasting, videography, and more, are also elated to be a part of this brand new chapter at ACU.


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