What it’s Like to Work for Morris + Mitchell

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a part of Morris + Mitchell student-run advertising and public relations agency? I know I have, so I thought it might be fun to get the inside scoop from one of my fellow classmates, Bailey Werderich.

What is Bailey’s Job?

Bailey is the Group Account Director. Her job requires her to use verbal and written communication, so that she can make sure the leadership team has everything they need to get the job done; whether that be information on a current client, a specific project, advice on dealing with a staff member, or just support and encouragement. Bailey is also responsible for keeping Joyce Haley, the faculty advisor for Morris + Mitchell updated with the well being of the agency.

What Does a Typical Day Working for Morris + Mitchell Look Like for Bailey?

Each day changes for Bailey based on what others need. On the days that she has staff or leadership team meetings, Bailey prepares for them, leads them, and answers any questions asked. She also has to answer and send off emails to staff, Joyce Haley, or third parties that she works with, approve materials, and give feedback.

What is Bailey’s Favorite Thing About Her Job?

Bailey loves getting to work with everyone at the agency. She particularly enjoys helping the staff members when they need direction and encouragement. Last year Bailey was an Account Director. She spent time dealing with clients, trying to fulfill their needs and vision for their organization. This year she gets to help assist the current ADs in doing the same thing for their clients. Bailey is truly thankful that she got to experience both positions because they are both very different but each one offers amazing learning experiences.

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