Students’ keys to surviving and appreciating the dreaded comm. law

Communication Law 488 has been the bane of students’ lives for years. Case briefs, detailed tests, and the dreaded research paper cause all majors that embark on this semester long journey to run for the hills. The class has earned this reputation over the years because it has always been a difficult class. The two professors who have taught the class are Dr. Pybus and Dr. Marler.

Students who have been a part of either of these professors’ classes know they can be daunting, but overall they care about their students.

Dr. Pybus expects his students to give their best effort. He thinks that students should be able to understand the importance of Communication Law. Unfortunately, to stress the importance of the class, he must make it challenging so that students study the material well. In my class, students complain about searching through a multitude of research sites and the endless hours they have their head buried in the textbook.

Pybus’s class however was not nearly as hard as Dr. Marler’s according to Pybus. He told us stories of how lucky we are to just look up our cases on the internet. Case briefs and research papers were researched through the countless aisles of the ACU Brown Library. He also mentioned that tests were incredibly hard to study for when you have to search for a single case in a book.

Students in the JMC Department have cowered in fear from this class for years. In reality, we are lucky to have so many resources available to help us study for this demanding class.


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