A Walk from COBA to JMC


I am a sophomore business major with a minor in Ad/PR. My first class of the semester was in the JMC building. I had never actually set foot in the JMC building so of course I got lost while in search for my 8 am Ad/PR Media Planning class. After being 10 minutes late to my first class of the semester, I was so nervous. I was also worried that I was not going to understand anything my professor was talking about. I realized that most of the other students had taken many other pre-requisites that I did not have to take since I’m only a minor in this department. This became a concern as my classmates started talking about terms and concepts I had never heard of. Thankfully, having taken a few marketing classes I was more prepared for my classes as an Ad/ PR minor than I had thought. As the semester has continued, it has gotten a little easier to relate to the students in my JMC classes.


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

8-9 Ad/PR Media Planning (JMC building)

9-10 Writing/Electronic Delivery (JMC Building)

10-11 Financial Management (COBA, business building)

11-11:30 Chapel

12-1 Writing/Electronic Delivery Lab

Tuesday and Thursday

8-9:30 Management Information Systems (COBA)

9:30-11 Business Statistics (COBA)

11-11:30 Chapel

As you can see I only have JMC classes three days a week. It can get quite interesting going from my JMC Writing/Electronic Delivery class to my Financial Management class. Cleary those classes do not relate at all so I have to switch gears completely. This can be difficult at times. Even with these complications my transition to the JMC department has helped me learn how to adapt with change. This, as we all know, is an important quality in our industry.


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