What really is the difference in Don Morris?

ACU is known for its diversity. If you walk the Lunsford trail, which encircles the university, you’d notice the flags that represent all of the countries that the student body is made up of. Diversity is something the JMC department does not lack. Backgrounds vary from student to student. One of the unique things of the JMC department are the different types of majors that this department covers.

The Journalism and Mass Communication department plays host to Convergence Journalism majors, Multi-Media majors, and Advertising/ Public Relations majors. Each major differs greatly from one another, yet they somehow relate. If you’ve say in at least one class in the Don Morris Center, you’d quickly realize the sea of Journalism major mingling with Ad/PR majors. You’d see the Mulit-Media majors teaching the journalist how to crop a photo correctly. The margin of difference is smaller than may have been first assumed.

throughout the years, the Don Morris Center has seen renovations, countless students,and curriculum updates. Students have come and gone, leaving with JMC degrees in their hands. Though what is stated on that paper may be different, we all secretly know how similar they really are. The Lord will take us on paths He sees fit, whether that be what we have planned, or what He has planned. Regardless, we will always carry the notion that ACU and the Don Morris Center allowed us to see the world in a different viewpoint without us really knowing it.morriscenter


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