JMC alumni climb to the top

As you may know the annual Gutenberg Awards were on Oct. 9. This is a special event that recognizes distinguished professional achievements of Journalism and Mass Communication Department alumni.


Let’s start with one of the Gutenberg Award recipients for this year:


Randy Brewer (’93) is the Founder and Executive Producer for Revolution Pictures in Nashville, TN. This company partners with clients to concept and achieve any creative vision or business goal. They have won several major awards: the 2012 CMT Video of the Year – Carrie Underwood “Good Girl”; 201o CMT Collaborative VIdeo of the Year – Blake Shelton “Hillbilly Bone”; Ranked #15 – most streams of any video on MTV network. Some of Revolution Pictures services include: animation, casting, documentaries, and visual effects.


Wow, Randy really hit the jackpot!


Now let’s stroll down memory lane and look at some previous recipients:


Kate Vein (’99) is the Senior Vice President for Elevate Studios based in Chicago, IL. This company is a full-service digital agency focused on strategy, creativity and technology to empower brands for success. Sounds big-time if you ask me.


Cynthia Patterson Nellis (’86) is the Editor/Publisher for Women’s Fashion for (part of the New York Times Company).


David Scotts (’96) is the Senior Editor of Motion Graphics for ColdWater Media located in Richardson. This one sounds most interesting to me because it is a company that makes documentary films and television series. I have always wanted to make documentaries, so if you went to school with David put in a good word for me!


These ACU alumni are just a few who have become successful in their field of JMC. I have always been a dreamer so to see these fellow graduates do so well gives me hope and inspiration to go after what I want!


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