Gutenberg 2014: a great night in the making

The Journalism and Mass Communication department holds an awards ceremony called the Gutenberg Awards every October to honor JMC alumni who are doing exceptional things in their chosen fields. Each year, three alumni are chosen to receive a Gutenberg award and to give an acceptance speech. This year, Randy Brewer (’93), Steve Cantrell (’81) and Cindy Leeper Shields (’89) were all honored as recipients of the award.

The amount of work that goes on behind the scenes in planning the evening is extraordinary. For months before, the head of the department Dr. Cheryl Bacon invites guest to the Gutenberg celebration, mostly past winners, and does her best to get a head-count for the event. Dr. Bacon’s assistant, the administrative coordinator for the JMC department, Barbara Bush-Lamming, then does a number of things to plan the events. She spends a good amount of time planning a venue, planning food and ensuring that the entire evening goes as smoothly as possible.

Students that work for Morris & Mitchell, the student-run Ad/PR agency, help Barb out a great deal in planning and preparations. Seniors Margo Herrera and Natalie Goin helped Barb design flyers, decide what food to serve the guest, choose the decorations and even found live music to be played at the event.

After months of preparation, stress and endless RSPV letters to go through, the night of the Gutenbergs had arrived and it was perfect. All enjoyed the food, the atmosphere was professional and calming and it seemed that everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable night.


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