Styling and Profiling

As we can feel, the seasons are changing and fall is literally upon us. The winds are taking over our hairdos, the sun is still blinding our eyes, and yet the chill takes us hostage of our freedom to wear what we want.

Hair Chronicles

Yes! Texas weather has a mind of its own. However, one way to conquer that is to have bomb hair. For those of you who are not quite hip to this phrase, this means rock a hairstyle that fits you. Let’s not forget that easy management is your friend.  According to the styles for this fall are as follows:

  •      Bob Haircut
  •      Bangs (ponytail/down)
  •      Middle Part with Curls

Just to spice things up, it would be awesome to add highlights. Highlights help accentuates whatever hairstyle you try to accomplish.

Less is not Always Best

As we know the cold weather brings out more presentations. So we have to look our best when we present, right? Well yes, but let’s not stop there. We can also look our best everyday. So that means no more settling for athletic shorts and sweatshirt ladies! The cold weather allows us to dress up anything we have in our closet. Let’s take a simple white T-shirt for example. Having these items will fit you perfectly:

  •      Dark colored jeans
  •      Boots
  •      A cardigan
  •      Accent scarf

These are the basic necessity items to have this fall. If you’re balling on a budget, places like WalMart and Target will help look fabulous for less.



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