Not Just Black and White : Racial Diversity in the JMC Department

In Abilene there are 115,930 citizens of that: 69% are white, 19% are Hispanic and 8% are black. Being raised in this environment of that ration meant that finding a lack of racial diversity in many situations was nothing new to me but I couldn’t help but wonder what would be a better way to encourage racial diversity in the JMC Department?
​In order to discuss methods of branching out in racial diversity first we must acknowledge the importance of diversity within the department. While all humans are created equal not all people have the same perspective. As professionals in a field of MASS communication it is our responsibility to communicate on a level that can relate to all ages and races. Diversity within the department can offer some unseen insight or a different angle to any story or advertisement that can really revolutionize the way our society works.
​Currently I feel ACU’s department does pretty well in implementing racial diversity. The new addition to the program, the colloquium, is often somewhat relevant to some racial issue and inspires some interesting talks. As journalists and reporters we often feel the need to be politically correct in our speech and attempt to be careful not to offend or step on any toes, but I say if not us then who? We should be at the forefront of making radical statements and finding people think radically as well. I’m not saying that the department should recruit specially towards one race. I’m saying that if it was made clear that this department does not shy away from diversity or change but instead is actively seeking it. Diversity will find its way here. (The quote “if you build it they will come “ quickly comes to mind.) 


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