Campus Then and Now

Keith Sanders

Campus Then and Now

This October ACU hosted it’s annual homecoming. Alumni and their families migrated from round the world to gather in Abilene. One comment I heard time and time again was how different the campus has become. Growing up in the ACU community I have witnessed many of the changes first hand. Here is a list of campus changes that were brought up.

  • The Hunter Welcome Center- The Hunter Welcome Center is a recent add-on to ACU’s campus. Facing East to Judge Ely the 57,000 square foot giant is a beautiful face for campus. Completed in 2009, the building excellently blends the architecture of the Onstead-Packer Biblical Studies Building and the Chapel on the Hill with the modern architecture themes of the William Performing Arts Center. Costing around $15.7 million dollars, the Hunter Welcome Center was a massive construction project, and adds definite beauty to ACU’s campus.


The Royce and Pam Money Student Recreation and Wellness Center- Often referred to as “The Bank” a play on Money’s name, the SRWC was completed in 2011. The SRWC was a complete revamp of the previous physical education facilities. Costing around $21 million, “The Bank” is likely the most noticeable change to the campus ground as of 2014. The 113,000 square feet building is home to a lazy river, 6 lane lap pool, 4 basketball/volleyball courts, 3 racquetball courts, bouldering wall, 2 dance studios, 41 cardio stations, and much more. With the many luxuries the SRWC offers students, it has become the envy of many alumni.


  • Artwork- ACU has added sculpture around campus as well. In 2006 ACU unveiled Jack Maxwell’s Jacob’s Dream. Jacob’s Dream is a near 40-foot bronze sculpture depicting Jacob’s dream of angels ascending into heaven. Limestone blocks engraved with scripture enclosing a baptismal surround the sculpture. Costing near $26.5 million Jacob’s Dream is a one of a kind art piece that boast the talent present at ACU.
  • The Lunsford Foundation Trail- A two mile multi use trail encircling ACU campus. Built in 2005 the trail contains approximately 2 miles of well lit concrete walkways with limestone inlays engraved with scripture scattered periodically throughout the track.

Things to Come- ACU is currently undergoing a new massive building project. Estimated to be complete in 2016, ACU has begun constructing two new stadiums. One of which will replace Elmer Gray Stadium, and house the women’s soccer team, and all ACU track and field events. The other stadium will replace Shotwell as home to ACU’s football team. An on campus stadium has been in the talk for years, and will hopefully house our D1 football team in less than two years.

  • Bennit Gym- The historic gym is undergoing massive remodeling, transitioning from a gym to the new home for the Engineering department.

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