Experience of Producing the Sportscast

During the fall semester of my junior year here at ACU, there have been a few opportunities that have opened up for me to participate in. One of the great opportunities is the responsibility and opportunity to write, edit, and produce the JMC Sportscast.

The JMC Sportscast is a segment that goes into the Ken Collums Show. It consists of recaps, previews, and more of the latest news on sports besides football. It reaches out to the ones who want to learn more about the sports going on currently at ACU.

All of the content that creates the steps to producing the sportscast are writing the script, checking scores and updates on sports teams, and interviewing coaches and players. I usually begin on Friday and look up schedules of upcoming events for the next week. I generally check the ACU sports page throughout the weekend and update my practice copy of the scores of the games. Sunday I will sit down and choose what content will go into the sportscast.

I begin writing and contacting people to conduct interviews. On Wednesdays, we attend a media lunch were we sit down eat, and then interview coaches and players. The media luncheon is very helpful and allows us to capture visuals for the sportscast.

Wednesday evening I meet with the video producer and we shoot the sportscast. This is the fun part. Getting to stand in front of bright lights and use my voice to communicate information to the masses is a good and productive feeling. I really enjoy doing this and look for simple ways to get better each week.

It is a fun-filled, yet busy and focused job. It keeps me on my toes and keeps my mind constantly triggering. I appreciate and love what I do. I am so thankful to be able to work as I am going to school.


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