The Ken Collums Show reaches New Heights

The ACU football head coach’s show has been going on since 2009. It is a JMC elective that students have been able to enjoy since the Chris Thomsen era.

Students control the behind the scenes, while the instructor oversees and grades the performance. I have been a part of this year’s class and noticed the fun, yet serious environment of the show. ACU students get to meet and discuss last week’s game with ACU head football Coach Ken Collums and ACU alum Grant Boone.

The fun stops there because when the camera is rolling everyone has to be focused or mistakes will be made. Hand signals are being thrown around to signal how much time is left in a segment. The prompter is flying down the camera. Cameras are refocusing from one person to another.

The fast pace nature of the show makes it feel like a real television station. Fast paced however doesn’t mean high quality. As most of the past students know the Ken Collums show takes a lot of editing. Students are required to try every job in the production studio and here are just a few.

  • Director
  • Camera Operator
  • Floor Manager
  • VTR Operator
  • Prompter Operator
  • Technical Director

Mistakes will obviously happen in the show because for most students it is their first time operating a camera or giving directions as floor manager. The instructor breaks down the show once it is uploaded to YouTube. The mistakes are comical and cause a few laughs.

Although, the mistakes that are made are seen by a larger audience and can affect more than just your grade.


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