Shake Shake Shake, Shake it Off

The weekend is over! So you know what that means. It’s Monday! That means we leave our great memories from this weekend on hold to take care of business and shut it out right? Wrong! In fact it’s best to carry all of that energy from this weekend and bring it into the building. You’ll be surprised at how much that would change your day. Too many times I’ve heard people say that they can’t wait until Friday comes. Just imagine, what if everyday were like Friday? Just add a little tune to your day, everyday.

T-Swift Speaks the Truth 

I visited with E.J.Washington this weekend in hopes of gaining an insight on how he had the motivation to stay spunky every single day. EJ., who is now a journalism teach in Dallas, TX, stated there is nothing like starting your morning off with a little tune in your head. “T-Swift speaks the truth,” he said. Taylor Swift’s new hit song, “Shake it Off”, can be applied to your every morning routine. It encourages you to forget about the negative situations. No matter if it’s what people say or challenges the day may bring.

Music Makes Everyday Friday

E.J. stated he believes music helps students to add creativity to their lifestyle and opens the mind for free flow of thinking. Music makes everyday Friday. Even though you may face challenges, add a tune to your day and shake shake shake it off!


Check out the “Shake it Off” Music Video


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