JMC Student Working for the Optimist

As a JMC alumnus do you wonder what it might be like to work for the Optimist, a student news operation of ACU? Or do you wonder how it has changed since you worked there as a student? Well, I have the inside scoop. Here is what Paige Otway, who is currently a photographer for the Optimist, has to say.

What are her Main Roles and How Does She Prepare?

Paige’s main role for the Optimist is to venture out to different events on the ACU campus and take pictures that will spark reader’s attention. Her main purpose is to draw readers into reading the corresponding articles to pictures she takes for ACU events. Paige does her best to capture memorable moments from each event and share them with the audience of the Optimist. Paige typically spends time each day preparing, gathering details, and getting important information about each event she will attend. During each event, Paige interviews the audience and team players. This is the most effective way for her to get a better understanding of the importance of the photos she is required to take.

How has the Optimist Changed?

Over the past few years, the Optimist has been struggling with losing their audience to new technology. The Optimist has adapted to this problem by engaging their audience online. They share their photos on Flickr, and they created a Twitter account, Facebook account, and iPad app to share their student news network through various media outlets. These tools are utilized to inform the ACU student body about what’s happening around campus and to help students develop their journalism skills.

Why does Paige Love working for the Optimist?

Paige loves working for the Optimist because she loves being apart of all the ACU events. She enjoys taking pictures that the audience will remember for years. Paige also likes working for the Optimist because it gives her the opportunity to really connect with the students on campus and explore everything that is going on behind scenes at ACU.


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