The How To’s of being a Sports Director

I stepped into my new role as Sports Director for the Optimist this year with a great amount of enthusiasm and apprehension. A lot of requirements and stress come with the job, but it is pretty awesome.

The duties of the Sports Director are very vast and diverse. Unlike other jobs for the sports side of the Optimist, where most students usually focus on just print or multimedia, the Sports Director is responsible for both fields.


  • Ensure the printed version of the Optimist sports page looks professional and exhibits high level of journalistic skills and writing.
  • Ensure the video packages of multimedia version of the Optimist are visually pleasing, correctly represent ACU athletics and are edited and put online in a timely fashion.
  • Ensure that all sports staff members are informed and held to high standards.
  • Help produce the Ken Collums Show.
  • Work with the athletic department in coordinating trips and receiving press passes for my staff.

The first week on the job, I traveled to Georgia with a member of my staff to cover the football game. On top of shooting video for the game, catching a plane home and finally getting back to Abilene at 3 a.m., we also had to edit the video. Needless to say, it was a long day and night.

As the weeks went by, the job slowly started to feel familiar and the list of things to do every week became less daunting. The greatest relief I have experienced is finally recognizing and understanding how to do the job on the multimedia side. I originally only experienced the printed-paper aspect, but as I began to film more athletic events, edit film and work with the cameras, I no longer panicked when asked to do a multimedia job.

Despite the stress, the experience has been amazing. I have been given the opportunity to gain experience in ways that I would not have been able to, had I not applied for my role. Media luncheons, producing the Ken Collums show, flying with the team and getting to know the athletic office have been some of the highlights. Plus, my staff is amazing to work with.


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