My Creative Direction


Morris + Mitchell is a student run advertising/public relations agency on the campus of ACU. I hold the position of copywriter and creative director at Morris + Mitchell, and because of this I have to opportunity to be a part of many of the accounts held by the agency in regards to creative direction and the copy involved. At times it seems like I am to an extent involved in almost everything going on within the agency. I enjoy this because it allows me to not be tied to one specific account, but to however float from account to account as needed. This freedom allows me to think creatively on more than one company which is helping to develop my creative process and also widen my expertise.

Every Monday at M + M begins with a status update meeting. This entails the Account Director for each account giving an update as to the standing of his or her account as well as a run-down on what needs to be completed for that day. During this time the creative team is informed as to who they will need to meet with for the day. Once every account has given an update each account team breaks off to separate locations and begins their work. At this point the creative team, including myself, will meet with the accounts that have requested us.

These meetings range from brainstorming ideas for Gutenberg, coming up with slogan ideas and cutlines to critiquing work that we have done in the week prior, such as an event poster. If we are meeting with an account for the first time we ask the Account Director to have a creative brief filled out prior to our meeting so that we have a sense of what they are looking to accomplish coming into the meeting. We will go over these briefs with the account team during the meeting and then begin to set deadlines for ideas and final turn in dates for the entire project. From this point the creative team begins working to complete the work necessary.


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