The Internship Advantage


Internships and networking are a large part of landing an advertising or public relations position in the workforce upon graduation. Bailey Werderich, senior ad/pr major from Houston, Texas, worked as an intern for The Richards Group in Dallas, Texas, this summer. Bailey worked with several clients in her time with The Richards Group. She worked on a team that completely rebranded a nonprofit in Los Angeles. She also completed competitor research for a client that was beginning an advertising campaign for the first time. Another one of her tasks was to create a weekly flash report with all of the social, digital, paid and earned media coverage for a client that received a rebrand from The Richards Group the year prior.

Bailey, says she not only learned knowledge of how to work with clients but also how life within an agency operates. She learned about:

  • Competitor research
  • The importance of a brand and brand guidelines
  • The creative process and the effort that creatives put into their work
  • The importance of building relationships with coworkers and how these relationships benefit the work produced
  • How to take constructive criticism from superiors

Often, interns end up being nothing more than the office coffee runner. However, in reflection on her time spent with The Richards Group, Bailey stated, “The tasks I performed are tasks that my superiors would be doing had I not been there. I didn’t have to buy anyone’s coffee but my own.”

Internships are a major part of professional development. They allow for the opportunity to gain real world knowledge and to apply the information learned in the classroom.


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