ACU Alumni as Entrepreneurs


This past summer I studied abroad in Honduras with COBA, the Abilene Christian University Business School. We stayed at Mission Lazarus for about a week and a half of our two-week trip. Mission Lazarus is a ministry focused on four basic pillars: spiritual, educational, medical, and agricultural. They are mainly based in Honduras and have recently opened a new branch in Haiti. Throughout our time at Mission Lazarus we were able to explore all the different things they do for the country of Honduras. Currently they have a cabin like hotel and restaurant for visitors, children’s home, government approved primary education program, vocational schools in: sewing, shoemaking, leather smithing and carpentry, coffee plantation, and medical clinics around the area. Mission Lazarus was started and is currently run by Jarrod Brown and his wife, Allison Brown. Jarrod is an Abilene Christian University alumni that had an incredible dream and has been growing that dream everyday since 2001. 

The Tour

As our tour of the Mission Lazarus campus went on Jarrod took us to the coffee plantation. This is where they plant, harvest, and process all their own coffee for export to the U.S. The coffee side business helps the ministry contribute to its overall goals by raising money for future projects and giving the locals a good minimum wage job. We were able to hike through some of the coffee fields and also see a brief example of the process to get the coffee ready for export. The plantation manager was even generous enough to brew us some fresh coffee to try and it was amazing!


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