ACU, its’ Brand, and Brand Recognition

Exceptional, innovative, real. These words are can be heard often repeated at ACU functions. They are told to parents, students, alumni, and are proudly displayed on banners around campus. Exceptional, innovative, real, it’s ACU’s promise and part of the ACU brand. Has ACU held true to its brand, and how is that brand recognized outside of the ACU community.

I was born and raised in Abilene, and grew up a stones throw from the university. I’ve always found it interesting that anytime I’m wearing any kind of ACU clothing, someone always recognizes the brand and makes some comment on how ACU affects someone in their life. I always found this bizarre: even in Cozumel someone will approach me in the airport and discuss ACU with me. As an advertising/public relations major I can’t help but dwell on how awesome ACU’s brand recognition is.

In the last ten years ACU has made some drastic changes. Since 2008 ACU has led the mobile learning initiative, drastically changed the layout of the campus, changed presidents, seen the largest incoming classes in the schools history, and gone division one. With these changes ACU has consistently been in the spotlight. ACU has been repeatedly recognized as one of the most promising upcoming universities. ACU has taking painstaking efforts on delivering the promise of the brand, and it’s paying off. With nationally televised football games, and the worlds media centered on the Brantly family ACU’s PR is breathtaking.


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