What you can do with a journalism degree

Journalism, according to the wise words of Merriam-Webster, is the collection and editing of news for presentation through media. So, think newspapers, magazines, social media and the like.

Now let’s get on to what options you have should you choose to go down this path.

There are the obvious careers, like writing for a newspaper or magazine, but there’s so much more you can do!

Have you ever thought of what it takes to make a newspaper or magazine work?

Well, here’s a list of a few of the more important positions that you may not know even exist:

  • Editor – to put it simply, they run the whole publication and do a little bit of everything
  • Managing editor – they hand out story assignments and do a little bit of everything, too
  • Copy editor – they catch all of the mistakes
  • Page editor – they make sure the pages look pretty and do some writing along with that

There are a lot of different tasks to running a publication besides just writing a story and putting it on the page.

And did you know that there are online magazines and websites, too? Yep. Nowadays, there are publications that are completely online, so if print isn’t really your thing, maybe this could be.

Here’s another thought: there are different types of journalism. You’ve got photojournalism, sports, broadcast, investigative and whatever kind of journalism you can think of! There’s something for everyone.

Say you want to work in the film industry, but you think you fit better behind the camera versus in front of it. No problem. Or, let’s say you aren’t the best at writing, but you’re a wiz when it comes to photography. There’s something for you, too.

Basically, there are two sides of journalism: the writing side and the visual side. There are all kinds of journalists out there and it’s just a matter of finding the right job for you. In a time when the Internet rules, you could find a job that caters to just about anything you can think of.


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